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  1. Wonderful Recipes! 5 Star Review

    Posted by Daniela on 29th Sep 2016

    This DVD is filled with great recipes and step by step tutorials. She explains the ingredients used and why they are used. An excellent "how to" video for beginners and advance soap makers looking to broaden their techniques. Ommy is a pleasure to watch. Thank you Ommy!

  2. You Need 100 Stars!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by Edie Hill on 8th Sep 2016

    Hugs and Kisses to the Best Teacher Yet! I immediately put in the DVD and watched the whole two DVDs. You cant get enough of watching her knowledge and wit. She is just super just like her soaps. So glad she is back on You Tube. I never tired of watching all of her old one. Hugs and kisses to a wonderful person.

  3. Awesome DVD 5 Star Review

    Posted by Sherri Hayes on 10th Aug 2016

    This DVD was amazing I was blown away with the creativity is wrapping your products. The only down fall is that mine did not include the pdf that was suppose to give you resources on where you might want to purchase some of the products which was really bomber. But the dvd is great!!

  4. awesome dvd 5 Star Review

    Posted by Carrie on 24th May 2016

    I have watched these DVDs five times lol I've ordered supplies and can't wait to start soap making.... She does a great job explaining things.

  5. The person behind Beautiful Creations 5 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Apr 2016

    I just want say Ommy, by taking time to share the talent you love to help others is selfless, and beautiful. The Beautiful Creation Video and PDF is well organize and put together, in an easy format for a beginner and advance soap maker making it easy to understand. Anyone, who purchase the The Beautiful Creation package will love it and the music is adorable, makes you want to listen over again. Thank you, Ommy continue the good work, there's a saying: before you take be prepared to give something back, before you receive your blessing.

  6. Outstanding Video 5 Star Review

    Posted by Shirley Smith on 1st Nov 2015

    The information in this video is priceless! Clear precise instructions. Ommy shares her recipes and suppliers which is worth the cost of the video alone. Her tips and instructions on how to wrap and present your soaps are very creative. I feel the video is money well spent. Thank you Ommy for sharing.

  7. dvds 5 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jul 2015

    Videos were very thorough. Enjoyed watching and learning.

  8. Great learning videos 3 Star Review

    Posted by Ana LeBlanc on 4th Jun 2015

    I wish I could give you ten stars, but both discs skip. One area is the cupcake disc one and another area flower me soap disc two.... I haven't seen all the videos yet but two that I seen has skipped.. The cupcakes video gave me an error message. I had to start it over three times..I was hoping for better quality. Not sure if I can get a better DVD.

  9. Master class 5 Star Review

    Posted by Sali on 27th Mar 2015

    This dvd is awesome! Omayra gives you a front row seat to an otherwise very expensive master class for pennies on the dollar. With these tutorials I realized that this woman is not only gifted and incredibly skilled but also has a huge heart. Thank you, may your successes be multiplied.

  10. awesome 5 Star Review

    Posted by Sandy on 26th Jan 2015

    You have done an awesome job on putting this DVD together! I am so impressed with your work and so appreciative of all the info you have shared! I can't wait to order my supplies to make these wonderful products! The DVD is much more informative then I thought it would be ! You did a great job in your presentation too! I can't thank you enough!

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